Still Time to Register, Pitching Tips, Book Donations, and Volunteering

Believe it or not the 2009 New England Chapter Let Your Imagination Take Flight Conference is just a few weeks away. There is still time to register; in fact, registration will be open until Tuesday, March 24, 2009.

The cost to attend this year is $189 for NEC members and $199 for Non-NEC Members. To take advantage of discount room rates ($109 per night) at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel, be sure to register for conference and the hotel by March 6, 2009.

For a direct link to the registration form, go to:

Workshop List
Here is our current list of scheduled workshops. Please note workshops are subject to change at any time prior to conference. Dates, rooms and times will be available at conference and will be included in your registration packet.
  • Lisa Gardner – EXTRA Workshop - Conquering the Dreaded Synopsis
  • Chat with Jennifer Greene
  • Brenda Chin - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Harlequin But Were Afraid to Ask
  • Jessica Faust - Hooking Them In
  • Raelene Gorlinsky - Act it Out
  • Agent and Editor Panel
  • Jessica Andersen - Surviving the Editor/Agent Appointment
  • Toni Andrews - Confessions of a Contest Judge
  • Annette Blair - Painting Colorful Characters
  • Jody Brightman - The Mythic Muse: Letting the Olympian Archetypes Create Your Goals, Motivations and Conflict
  • Emily Bryan - The Joy of Writing Sex
  • Linda Cardillo and Geri Krotow - Resistance and Resilience: Understanding and Overcoming Challenges to Creativity and Career
  • Jan Coffey – I Am Suspense (And so can you!)
  • Renee Cooper and Di Hall of One Journey Consulting - The Emotional Journey
  • Kathy Cottrell - They Aren’t All Named Bundy, Dahmer and Gacey: Identifying Sex Offenders
  • Patricia Grasso - Marrying Plot and Emotion
  • Kristan Higgins - 12-Step Program for Revisions
  • Jenna Kernan - Boot Camp for Writers: Getting (Your Manuscript) Into Shape
  • Rosemary Laurey - Writing with Multiple Personalities
  • LeeAnn Lessard - The Good, The Bad, and the Small Press
  • Sally MacKenzie, Anna DeStefano, Leah Hultenschmidt, and Jessica Faust - Reaching Promo Zen
  • Robin Matheson - Crisis, Climax, Resolution: Writing to the End
  • Margaret Moore - What Lies Beneath: Adding Layers to your Characters and Conflict
  • Janet Mullany - Doddering Butlers, Pert Housemaids and Faithful Retainers: Busting the Servant Myths
  • Hank Phillippi Ryan - What I Wish Someone had told me…the Scoop on Your First Novel
  • Stella Price - Promotions for the Frugal Author
  • Kathryn Smith - The Three Act Structure: Plotting for Pantsers, Plotters and Everyone in Between

Agent/Editor Appointment Pitching Tips
We hope as many NEC members who can attend the conference will do so, and that everyone who has been laboring so hard on their current work in progress over the past weeks, months, or perhaps years, will be ready to pitch to the agent or editor of their choice. Here is some information on what you can expect and some tips on pitching to help you prepare for your appointment.

Everyone who requested an appointment will receive at least one meeting with either an editor or agent, as noted as either the first or second choice on your completed registration forms. For those people whose preferences could not be met, our Editor/Agents Chair, Meghan Gehan will be in touch with you to try to find you suitable appointment.

Pitch appointments last for 8 minutes each and will be a one-on-one appointment (no group appointments). We encourage anyone anticipating a pitch session on Saturday to attend Jess Andersen's pitching workshop on Friday. As you think about your pitch beforehand, here is an article with some helpful hints from Roxanne St. Claire and Mia Crews:

It is okay to bring notes into your pitch session with you. It is recommended that you bring note cards that highlight what you plan to say, rather than a typewritten sheet that you might be tempted to simply read to the editor or agent. Our invited agents and editors are here because they truly want to meet new talent and hear about your projects! They will most likely ask you questions that might help clarify the stories in their minds, so while it is great to rehearse your pitch it is also helpful if you can talk freely about your project.

Do not bring your entire manuscript, synopsis, or even query letter with you with the intention of handing it off to an agent or editor. Some of our agents and editors are traveling great distances, and they do not want to have to lug mounds of paper back home. Also, please only pitch completed projects.

The entire conference committee looks forward to seeing you all at the conference and wishes great success with your appointments.

Book Donations
The Conference Committee is actively looking for book donations for our luncheon centerpieces. If you are a published author and would like to make a donation, contact the committee at

Goody Table
Again this year, we will have a Goody Table at conference. Authors are welcome to drop off promotional materials any time after registration begins on Friday. If you are attending conference, you are encouraged to bring your promotional materials with you to conference. If you cannot attend conference, contact the Conference Committee at and we will tell you where to send your materials.

If you would like to help out at conference there is still time to volunteer. Volunteering at the conference is a great way to meet other NEC members. It’s also a lot of fun. If you have any interest in volunteering send an e-mail to

See you on March 27!

The NEC Conference Committee